The Delhi Edition

Jun 27 2017
Dec 31 2017
Jan 01 1970

This edition comprises 13 videos featuring independent musicians from New Delhi, each performing to a song and genre of choice. All video sessions retain the element of live performance which is then followed by an interaction with the artist.


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Amit Kilam is the drummer and singer/composer for the popular Indian rock band, Indian Ocean.  Indian Ocean was formed in New Delhi in 1990. The band ventured into mainstream music when they composed music for the much-acclaimed Hindi film, “Black Friday” in 2004. 
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Anyone with an interest in the western music scene in India will recognize Guitar player, Singer, Songwriter, Rudy Wallang, who leads this tight knit musical unit. Born into music, he grew up listening to his father, Toto Wallang, making music and he started singing and playing the ukulele at a very tender age eventually graduating to the guitar.
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Subir Malik is the founder member, manager and organist for the legendary rock band, Parikrama. Parikrama, which means ‘orbital revolutions’ in Sanskrit is celebrating 25 years of playing English rock music, and has been enthralling music aficionados across the globe since 1991. 
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WEME performs ‘Seeking New’


Zokova performs ‘The Flow’


Bhanu & Saurabh – ‘Free’