WEME performs ‘Seeking New’

Fakhroddin Ghaffari (Percussion)
Daniel Rangel (Guitar)
Fateh Ali Khan (Sitar)
Gyan Singh (Tabla)
Nawa Lanzilotti (Cello)
Siraj Khan (Mandolin)

The beauty of early-morning music shoots is, that the Koel bird would rather sing along than be perched as silent spectator. The ‘coos’ remain, as do the soft and melodious notes of the varied instruments. Not entirely Persian, not entirely Hindustani, not entirely anything; but music entirely after one’s own heart.
Seeking New is a quest to finding one’s bearings in a new land, among new people, and eventually, perhaps, seeking something undiscovered within – and letting that act of seeking become one’s own song.

Look up this music project, if soulful and eclectic instrumental is your thing!

Location Courtesy: Neera Nath’s beautiful garden
Sound Recording & Audio Post-production: Aditya (Sound Space Starship)
Photography: Rahul Chatkara
Editing: Charuvi Design Labs




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The Delhi Edition

Started on: Jun 27, 2017
Ended on: Dec 31, 2017

This edition comprises 13 videos featuring independent musicians from New Delhi, each performing to a song and genre of choice. All video sessions retain the element of live performance which is then followed by an interaction with the artist.