The Hansraj Projekt performs ‘Breaking Away’

Saptak Chatterjee (Hindi Vocals)
Shivash Chagti (Western Vocals & Guitar)
Vinayak Pant (Sitar)
Abhishek Mittal (Electric Guitar)
Madhur Chaudhary (Bass Guitar)
Vaibhav Ahuja (Drums)
Anirudh Varma (Keyboard)

Bellied-laughter, noisy chatter, and the generally glorious time spent with college friends is mostly always, a fiery ingredient for creative collaboration. The Hansraj Projekt is an eponymous musical project comprising a supremely talented septet from Hansraj college in Delhi.

Shaped into existence for the purpose of a college band, the group soon unwittingly created for themselves an identity outside of college environs. Ever since, they continue to nurture not only their collective talent but also their own personal goals.
Breaking Away is a song that balances the grounding notes of the sitar with the futuristic tune of the keyboard and the strum of guitars. Moreover, the band members’ zeal to perform upped the harmony & brought down the temperature of a sultry, summer afternoon!

Location: The Basement Studio
Sound Recording & Audio Post-production: Sahil Dhingra
Photography: Rahul Chatkara
Editing: Charuvi Design Labs




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The Delhi Edition

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This edition comprises 13 videos featuring independent musicians from New Delhi, each performing to a song and genre of choice. All video sessions retain the element of live performance which is then followed by an interaction with the artist.