Tanya Nambiar performs ‘Love Letter’

Tanya Nambiar (Vocals)
Abhishek Lal (Electric Guitar)
Vishal Dixit (Keyboard)

Collectively inspired by genres of Pop, Jazz & Blues; and by an ambition to be remembered by their songs; Tanya, Abhishek and Vishal like to create music that’s “hooky, relatable and raw”.
A singer-songwriter, finding her bearings through music as well as letting music give flight to her ambitions, Tanya grew up contemplating a musical profession so intensely, that she decided to give it up altogether. Only for it to beckon her with a love letter (in a manner of speaking!).
She prefers terming her genre as “easy listening”. And smooth on the senses it surely is; playful music coupled with all the happy confusion of love – “Are you ready to go?”

Location: Blue Bus Studios
Sound Recording & Audio Post-production: Nitin Gupta
Photography: Rahul Chatkara
Editing: Charuvi Design Labs




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The Delhi Edition

Started on: Jun 27, 2017
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This edition comprises 13 videos featuring independent musicians from New Delhi, each performing to a song and genre of choice. All video sessions retain the element of live performance which is then followed by an interaction with the artist.