Nikhil D’Souza performs ‘This is not goodbye’

Nikhil D’Souza (Vocals & Guitar)

This is not goodbye is about unaddressed emotions; when one lives in denial of the ending of an all-consuming relationship. And just like that music becomes the gentlest language that cushions heart breaks.
In the past few years, Nikhil has collaborated with different writers; the recent one being with award winning songwriter Jeff Cohen. He has performed in India, Europe, US and Australia; recorded for films and TV commercials; and is at large, a musician set to root himself strong on the global and domestic music circuit.

Says Nikhil of evolving as a musician from someone who wrote metaphorically to the one who blends melody with soul-poetry, “When you are playing to an audience you cannot alienate them.”
And alienated you wont feel, especially after you’ve given Nikhil’s mellifluous voice multiple listens.

Location: Joshua Inc.
Sound Recording & Audio Post-production: Jason D’Souza
Director of Photography: Udaiveer Singh Rathore
Editor: Udaiveer Singh Rathore




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