Indie Music band Grey Spaces on debut song “Come Out Clean” and more

How often do we have to remind ourselves of the existential question; What did I do for the wallet today? and What did I do for the heart?

Only to later take big sips from our experiences of life, and let it spill into shaping our present choices. Choices that we won’t have any other way. No matter the struggle or strife. Similar is the story of the newest independent music band on the block – Grey Spaces – that wishes to ‘stay anonymous in order to keep free of unwelcome bias and thus produce stellar music and fine visuals to go with it.’

Their recently released debut single, Come Out Clean, has been notching up numbers in terms of views and ratings alike. The video has aired on VH1 India and found itself on the What’s Hot on Saavn after its audio release.

Arteree did some catching up! Read the interview and view the official video below.

Tell us something about your music?
Our music is free like a free bird. We haven’t caged it to a genre. Because we are producers and
songwriters inspired by art and the emotions driving it and we see genres as a barrier to our approach.

How did Grey Spaces come about?
The desperation emerging from the ignorance that Indie artists are faced with was mainly the reason Grey
Spaces came into being. They (our target audiences) wouldn’t purchase music of the West produced by
artists in our country. Even if it appeals to them, a part of them would still be seeking flaws in it. Grey
Spaces hence pledged to remain anonymous and simply produce fine art for the ears and the eyes to
feast on. This is how we stand a fair chance to be liked or disliked free of bias (I hope).

What are the challenges of founding, running and sustaining an indie music band?
The challenges are countless. The indie music scenario is critical in our country. Before Grey Spaces
emerged, we had a perfect band, a dream act (that never hit the stage for real). The only members that
remained a constant in our act were me and my partner in Grey Spaces. The act has banded and
disbanded a number of times with different faces. The indie scene in our country doesn’t promise artists anything. It is hard to keep a band together and keep going without a promise.

What do you like the most about what you do?
The freedom is what we are relishing the most; the place we are at. We aren’t challenged with sticking to
one sound, one genre, one identity, one format of performance. This feels like our best choice ever!


Song art for ‘Come Out Clean’


What kind of music do you dig or find inspiration from?
We dig everything, the old and the new. Very truly, the vibes of the old fuel our inspiration, our vocal
melodies and the fashion of the new gives our tunes their new age clothing. The arrangements and the
sounds that go with our tunes are new age, pretty much.

How receptive has the audience been so far? Any specific example you may want to highlight?
Our newly made fans have heartily complemented ‘Come Out Clean’. Music bloggers from the United
States and the United Kingdom have stated that the quality of our track matches up with movie soundtracks and that the potential we have exhibited with our debut single is frightening as we must have a whole big load of even better productions in store for the future.

Your thoughts on the general music listening habits of this generation.
It seems like there’s just a handful of music enthusiasts and non-musicians who still treasure good
music. The rest seem to be believing that EDM/Pop is the 2017 music. They only seem to recognize
tracks spinning at health clubs or night clubs. There isn’t much to say. It’s a sad situation. People tend to
like the music that hits them in the first few seconds. They choose to not ride it through to the end as an
experience. They would prefer to forget a song completely after a week, than let seep in the music that
can make a place in their hearts forever. They are encouraging this trend and we are just playing by their

Check out Grey Spaces ‘Come out Clean’ official video here:

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