Anokha & Siddharth perform ‘Soul Rain’

Anokha S Kumar (Vocals)
Siddharth Chopra (Guitar)

‘Soul Rain’ happened one rainy afternoon in Mumbai. The very talented duo Anokha & Siddharth performed to the aptly titled song from their roster; that was composed just hours before! There is something about reading/singing from diary scribbles; and there is absolutely everything hummable about the music. Give it a listen, and know what we mean.

Presenter: Samar Sikka
Location: Joshua Inc.
Sound Recording & Audio Post-production: Jason D’Souza
Director of Photography: Udaiveer Singh Rathore
Editor: Udaiveer Singh Rathore




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The Bombay Edition

Started on: Feb 25, 2017
Ended on: Dec 31, 2017

This edition comprises 12 videos featuring independent musicians from the city of Bombay, each performing to a song and genre of choice. All video sessions retain the element of live performance which is then followed by an interaction with the artist.